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Grand lash MD eyelash and eyebrow formula 2ml, clinically tested. Vitamins, peptides, and amino acids. Conditions lashes and brow.

My eyebrows were starting to look sparse and I'm not an over plucker. Also, occasionally, I'd lose a lot of eyelashes when removing my eye makeup. I looked into this product because I had a friend who had experienced the same issues and started using this product, figuring she'd give it a shot since it was less expensive than Latisse. After a few months her lashes were longer and thicker, eyebrows much thicker. It looked like she had been using Latisse, only no "spidery" length I see with some gals, nice and thick. She got her blonder lashes tinted and stopped applying mascara.

I started using this product and noticed a difference after a month, especially with my eyebrows filling in and thickening. While I noticed my eyelashes weren't falling out with the makeup removal, I didn't think I was getting the amazing eyelash results my friend got during the same same time period. Seeing the results on the eyebrows I I *read the directions.*

The first month I applied once per day just like my eyeliner and I wasn't always fully removing my eye makeup. For month two, I applied twice a day right at the rootline of my eyelashes (less like eyeliner)...which I should have been doing during month one. I also took care to completely remove my mascara and eyeliner before applying. Big difference!! Month two brought more eyelashes, thicker eyelashes, longer eyelashes. Even my lower eyelashes are looking fuller, which only get some residual from my eyes being closed when I sleep.

I'm now backing down to once per day, maintenance, since I'm getting a "false lash" look when I use mascara. (I'm a week into month three.) My friend uses once every day or every other day and is still happy and looking great after 10+ months using this product. I figure I'll be able to back down to every other day during month four, if not sooner. Very happy with the results! 

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