Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment High Quality

Burt's Bees Res-Q Ointment
This little tin is with me always. For me it speeds up healing. I have thin skin and am constantly bruising from small cuts (gardening) and if I use this immediately on the cut I don't bruise at all. It's good for any kind of scrape, cut and acne breakouts. Literally, promotes healing overnight, if applied soon enough. I have 4-5 in the house all the time and have sent it to my kids. Amazon's price is the cheapest any where for this.

  • 0.6 ounce tin of ointment
  • Comforts bumps and bruises with a blend of herbal ingredients
  • 100% Natural
  • Contains comfrey with Allantoin, to aid burns, wounds, swelling and bites
  • Convenient tin travels easily with you on adventures
Never give a child comfrey by mouth. Do not apply creams or ointments containing comfrey to a child's skin.

Never take comfrey by mouth. Severe liver poisoning and even death may occur.
When using herb and leaf ointments, creams, and other topical preparations, it's important to follow these safety recommendations:
Never apply comfrey to broken skin.
Use only small amounts of comfrey-containing creams for no longer than 10 days at a time.
Do not use any comfrey product for more than 4 - 6 total weeks in a year.
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